Holiday Hair for Shorties: Braided Band

I've been receiving a lot of requests for short hair tutorials lately and because I love to please, I'll be sharing three different styles for you to try out just in time for the holidays. Holiday parties are my favorite, and a big part of that is definitely because I love getting all fancied up. I was really excited to put together a few tutorials for short hair that are a bit on the fancy side. Just from a quick search, I could tell that the internet is really lacking in ideas for us shorties. I know short hair can be a bit intimidating, especially after the big chop, and it may seem like there are far fewer options style wise. Don't buy into that myth; short hair can be just as fun and interchangeable! It is all about learning what your short hair can do through embracing your hair's natural state, keeping things simple, and becoming best friends with accessories.

I hope that after seeing the tutorial I share today, and the ones to follow in the next few days, a few of you shorter haired gals will feel inspired and have the confidence to try out a new style! After all, hair should be fun, and short hair is definitely not an exception!

For this first tutorial, I styled my hair with a little french braided band across my head. Then I tucked and smoothed everything down for a simple but elegant look. See how I easily created it below.

Braided Band Hair Tutorial

  1. Start with your hair in it's natural air-dried state. My hair is naturally wavy, so it has quite a bit of texture on its own. If you have fine hair and would like a bit more texture, comb in a bit of dry shampoo or styling putty.
  2. On the side of your head where your part is, section off the front portion of hair. 
  3. Pull the portioned hair forward and pin the rest of the hair back and out of the way.
  4. You are going to braid this section across to the other side of your head. Pull it straight up and comb it in that direction so all hair is now laying flat.
  5. Beginning by your ear, french braid the section up toward the top of your head.
  6. Continue braiding and adding hair until you reach the other side of your head. Once the braid lays flat on top of your head, finish the braid (no longer grabbing more hair with each strand). Secure with an elastic. You can leave the braid loose like this, if you fancy.
  7. Pull the braid back behind your ear and secure it flat against your head with bobby pins. 
  8. Smooth the rest of your hair out using a hair straightener. Swoop your bangs (if you left them out of the braid) to the side, and tuck the hair (on the side where the braid started) behind your ear.  

That's it. Super sleek, simple, and sexy. Enjoy!
I'll be back with my other holiday hair ideas over the next few days.

Hope your week is being lovely,
xx Emorie