Life lately, according to my iPhone pictures:
01 favorite soup, coconut curry lentil / 02 sleep-deprived recluse / 03 cheesy owl I was too tall for / 04 borrowed slippers (mine have lots of holes) / 05 night knitting and gift making / 06 blogging in bed / 07 pretty autumn berries / 08 fish reflection selfie / 09 red nails lately / 10 Pippin sitting at the counter / 11 the last surviving flowers (they're probably dead now) / 12 adorable Pippin snuggles

Puppy snuggles, late night crafting, comfort food, and autumn adventures have been what occupies the majority of my time lately. This month feels like it is slipping through my fingers and I wouldn't mind if it all slowed down a bit. I still have so much to do but I am also so excited for the quickly approaching holidays.

I hope you're having a cozy Monday.
xx Emorie