For Philippines with Love

I know we all don't have the money to donate to help the survivors in the Philippines after the destruction of Typhoon Hayain. I, myself, don't. But I can take a moment here to grieve for the lives lost and to help spread awareness of ways to help to those who can. Sadly, in a situation like this, the need is massive, the need is immediate, and everyone who needs help can't always be reached (but fortunately aid is now getting through to some of the areas that were blocked off and hit worst by this storm). If you have the means, I would kindly ask you to consider donating to a reliable charity. There are so many families and individuals in such great need. Link above sends you here.

To read more about this fundraiser, For Philippines with Love, visit ever-ours and here.
Learn more about Shelterbox on their website.

Other ways to help:
+ Habitat for Humanity is raising funds to send cleaning kits, shelter building kits, and eventually build homes.
+ The International Rescue Committee has launched relief efforts in the Philippines. You can donate to their effort.
+ Donate to the Disasters Emergency Comitee.
+ Donate to relief aid through The American Red Cross.