Oops, I Cut My Hair Again

I'm feeling a little sick today and as a result I am also feeling a lot unmotivated. Don't worry though, that just means that (because of all the stuff I haven't gotten to yet) I'll have even more for you next week. So instead, for now, here are some pictures of my face topped with my new hair.

I took these on Wednesday, after I had spent the day cutting it. I'm sure most of you know by now that I cut my hair myself. And that I also can be a little scissor happy and cut my hair on a whim. I should clarify, though, that I am still a very cautious cutter. I rarely am displeased with my own haircuts, which is great because the very reason I started cutting it myself was disappointment after salon cuts. I'd always end up fixing my hair the next day! So why not do it myself to begin with? This cut took me about 4 hours, as I cut slowly and very small sections at a time. And, you know, it's kind of difficult to see the back. I was a little upset with the bangs at first, they ended up shorter than I had planned (I was using this picture for inspiration/a rough guideline). But don't worry, I'm actually really liking them. And of course, they'll grow faster than I expect anyway.

Have a lovely weekend!
xx Emorie