A Few Last Minute Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween!

Isn't today one of the best days? Always? I always love an excuse to dress up and act like a kid. And candy, candy is also good. If you're still looking for inspiration for a costume to wear out today or maybe for a party this weekend, I've gathered up a few fun and simple ideas for you!

+Take some inspiration from our costume last year (although these pictures were taken recently) and go as Mr and/or Ms Fox! All you need is a fox mask! I made ours with old cereal boxes (nice thin cardboard), paper, and Mod Podge. Try to dress as close to the characters as possible, but it doesn't have to be perfect! A mustard dress for Ms Fox and a plain button-up with a tie or bow-tie for Mr Fox will do. Here's an actual picture of us in costume from a party last Halloween:

+ If your in the mood for something a little more gory, Kara of As Always Kara shared an awesome (and super impressive) tutorial for zombie makeup. All you need is makeup for this one (in colors like grey, white, black, red, green, yellow, and blue) and some fake blood, so take a quick trip to the halloween store and give it a try!

+ This rag doll costume diy A Beautiful Mess shared a couple years ago is still one of my favorites. And you don't need an adorable daughter to pull it off with you (although it surely helps). The wig looks super quick and easy to make, just be sure to pair it with a dress, apron, fun tights, and red cheeks.

+ Lisette of Northern Belle Diaries recently shared a tutorial for her and her husbands costume, Salt and Pepper shakers. It is pretty adorable, and it really can't get easier if you are in crunch time.

+ If all else fails, one of my favorite last minute costume options is to dress as a feisty old lady. A friend of mine and I did this back in college, and we were two super stylish older gals. To get the look down, if you don't have any vintage dresses hanging around, take a quick trip to Goodwill or Salvation Army (or it's equivalent). You'll find everything you need there for pennies. I wore a shoulder padded floral dress, tan nylons, nude heels, huge chunky earrings, glasses, pearls, and an old cardigan. Added bonus: carry a big purse around full of hard candies and offer them to people. Be sure to tell everyone how much they've grown since you last saw them.

And lucky you, I found an old picture of above said costume:

Also, I should note I was not attempting to fist bump the camera in the above picture, but merely in the middle of my old lady grove dancing. Do you have any Halloween festivities planned for this weekend? What are you dressing as?

xx Emorie