Stylish Shorties

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Since cutting my hair, I have been having to get used to the fact that I now have less styling options. It's been a couple years (I tried growing it out for so long) since I've been anywhere near this length and it is taking time to adjust. I won't lie though, even when I had long hair I rarely did it. Bed hair wasn't as rough when I had long hair, and if I did have a terribly bad hair day I could quickly pull it into a messy bun or control it with a braid. I love my simple short hair, but I do really miss crown braids sometimes. Now with short hair and feeling like I have less last-minute type options, I wish this encouraged me to spend more days doing my hair. But in reality, it means I am walking around most of the time with a matted bed head. Lumpy hair is totally fashionable, right?

These, shall we say, hair goals I have collected at least make wish I took the time to style my hair more often. I think that is a step in the right direction. It is also making me want to take even more length off. I'll probably keep this cut for awhile, but going through old pictures from the last time I had a pixie, I'm feeling scissor happy. Perhaps I'll have to cut it all off for my birthday. . . In the meantime, do any of you with short hair have tips for simple management? Should I just be a big girl and wash my hair more often?