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weasley / marauders / potter / hufflepuff

Wishing For: If you are anywhere near the level of nerd I am, you are most likely familiar with BlackMilk Clothing. This Australian company is to die for, and they make/sew all their clothing themselves (and have a cool story too) They had already wowed everyone with their Star Wars and Middle Earth collections, but I about died when I saw they had recently released a Harry Potter collection (called Hogwarts). Fashion/clothing inspired by my favorite childhood (and still today) books?! Yes please. Some of my favorites include the Hufflepuff leggings, the Undesirable No 1 and the Weasley's Weather in a Bottle t-shirts, and the Marauder's Map dress. Ugh, they are just a little too hella expensive for me.

book + chai + apple = afternoon ritual

Reading: As you probably could have guessed, I am currently devouring A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin, the fourth novel in his series, A song of Ice and Fire. I took a bit of a break from my reading after finishing the third book to watch the third season (which covers the first half-ish of the third book) of the show (Game of Thrones). But now I am completely immersed in the stories again. This book is different from the others, in that it is only being told by a selection of the characters (there are a lot of characters). And it is driving me crazy! The third book left some huge gaping questions to be answered, and as of now, being 200 pages in, I am still rather clueless. But it is still so good, so no complaining from me. I just miss a few characters that aren't really getting the limelight right now (hehemm... Daenerys and Tyrion... hemhemhm).

Listening: Okay, so maybe I'm just always listening to Feist. I've been a fan of everything Leslie puts out for as long as she's been creating it. There is something about Feist's music that I am just really drawn to. It is music that just feels like home to me. But lately I've been listening to Feist even more than usual. Especially her most recent album Metals. It is great Fall music, I suppose. This version of the song The Bad In Each Other (that was preformed on Jools Holland two years ago) is so hauntingly beautiful. Give it a listen. And maybe watch this one too.