Summer Go Away: August Wishlist

blazer / scarf / hat / sweater / bangles / oxfords / pants / turntable

Now you may be thinking I am jumping the gun a bit here, with my very fall like wishlist, but I have a feeling that the only way I am going to make it through this last, long month or so of summer is to day dream constantly of colder days. Summer, you've gone on long enough for my liking. I'm so ready to be wrapped up in scarves and sweaters again. For crunchy autumn leaves and cool breezes. For pumpkin and cinnamon everything. Maybe if I start planning fall outfits now it will get here faster? Doubtful, but a girl can dream. And there is plenty of fall apparel to swoon over. I've wanted a blazer for years and have yet to add one to my wardrobe. This corduroy blazer from H&M is super cute. I'd love a few new fall/winter essentials in my wardrobe, like this cute slouchy beanie and this pretty scarf that has all the right colors. Oxfords and gold hues are fall favorites of mine, and new pants are a need. All my pants are getting pretty old and sad. That turntable is so cute, and not anything I see myself buying anytime soon, so I'll just continue to lust after it.

Are you still crazy about summer or are you dying for fall yet?