Goals for August (and Further)

I've been feeling a little defeated lately (what else is new). I apologize if it seems like that is all I say lately; it seems a bit that way to me. But this time of year has always been rough for some reason. See, I wasn't kidding when I said I was ready for Fall. The last month of this season always seems so much longer for some reason. This is an attempt to get through this last month of summer and the coming months too, I suppose. Small goals are also a way for me to feel like I am making progress or change or just something, even if it is just something small. To combat my anxiety and stay sane. I want to make a habit of setting more small goals for myself, and as such I may be sharing some of them from time to time on here. After all, above anything else, I want this to be my space. I'm putting these goals here because maybe you're like me and need a little inspiration to keep moving forward. It's also a way to keep myself accountable.

A random old (favorite) picture, where I appear to have been sleeping on that dock for weeks. 

Goals for August (and Further):

1. Eat better. To feel better; it's pretty simple. Honestly, since I last posted about Revolt, I have not held myself to the high standard I had before. I haven't been eating very clean, I mean not terrible, but I can tell a huge difference. I'm feeling sluggish and bloated (gluten is most likely the culprit). I am returning to a better regime, starting today. I'll indulge in things from time to time, like a glass of wine or two, but I need to remember to eat clean and complete meals.

2. Yoga. DAILY. Even if it's just for five minutes right when I wake up. Nothing makes me feel as calm and collected as yoga does. And nothing makes me feel stronger. Don't make excuses to not get some in, I feel so much better if I do.

3. Run. For some reason I've decided to run a 9k with my mom and sister in September. I have no idea why. I hate running. I hate how much stress it puts on my body. Cardio wise, I could run forever, but my legs (knees) won't allow it. And I'd just much rather do ANY other form of exercise. But, for some reason, I think it will be good for me.

4. Figure out school. Return to school, even if it is just taking a few classes to begin. I need to challenge myself. Getting a degree would be so fulfilling and the only real next step for what I see ahead for myself right now. But I am afraid of returning, after the experience I had before. Talk out my doubts and my anxiety. Make plans.

5. Get outside. Take walks after the sun sets. Go for an early morning hike. Explore some place near the water, it will be cooler there. Stop using the heat as an excuse. Get outside, breathe, stay true to myself.

6. Get out in general. Go to all the cool, free events in this town. Find cheap shows I'm interested in (there is no lack of them in Boise) and actually go to them. Explore places that have changed from when I use to live here. Take Will to more of my favorite spots/places. Try (at least try) to be social.

7. Take more pictures. Of the dog. Of my walk. Of my love. Just document. And use those cool cameras I have. By the way, does anyone know where I can develop film without paying a shit ton for it?!

8. Keep reading. Reading is just a great escape for me. Luckily I have such great books to read at the moment that really let me lose myself in them. Don't loose this.

9. Draw just for fun. I'm not much of an artist, despite what people have told me, but there are some things I miss about drawing and painting and creating in general. Things never turn out as beautifully as I see them in my head, but I don't want that to stop me anymore. Draw just because. Find inspiration again.

10. Sleep more, enjoy mornings. I really enjoy mornings; the quiet calmness of everything. I don't so much like waking up in the mornings, though. Just get out of bed. Yes, when the alarm goes of. I know I feel so much better when I do.

Do you set small goals for yourself? Doing so and planning little everyday things seem to help me with my anxiety. I also recommend listening to this (First Listen of Typhoon's White Lighter) all day. At least that's what I'm doing; it's helping.

Also, the lovely Boise folk of the band Hollow Wood released a single today which is very much worth listening to. You can do so below and visit their site because they're that good.

Good tunes, good vibes, good thoughts, ya know?