Camping Along the Middle Fork

I'm back! I know you missed me. The past few days we've been on a little escape in the trees. Will and I were invited on a lovely camping trip by our dear friend Lindsey (who is a great planner, by the way) for the Fourth. We drove up a little early Thursday morning to find a nice spot for everyone along the Middle Fork of the Boise river, up past Arrowrock Dam. Will and I arrived well before the rest of the group and headed straight for the river with our chairs and some beers while we waited for everyone to arrive.

The first day Will and I spent exploring and relaxing in the water while people slowly arrived. My lovely friend Christina made a yummy curry that night for dinner for everyone with fresh vegetables from her garden, and Will and I brought some sockeye salmon (with a brown sugar, soy sauce glaze and sweet onion) to share and we all dined like kings. I sadly retreated to bed early the first night, as I was feeling quite a bit sun sick (I told you I don't handle heat well; heat stroke is zero fun.) and was tired from a long day. Friday Will and I got up early, having gone to bed early the night before, and had some delicious bagels with salmon cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, and grapefruit for breakfast. Don't you just love that I'm telling you about our camping trip and the thing I am most excited about was the food? I just love food, okay? As per usual.

I felt like Will and I were the weird hippie old couple of the group, going to bed early and waking with the sun, with all the knowledge of the forest. Haha. Will agreed with me. I love my friends, and their amazement at using a hatchet for a spatula. I chose to stay behind while the rest of the group went swimming down at the reservoir during the day Friday. I knew if I went I would have blazed completely in the sun; it was a little easier to control my sun exposure in the river. Plus, I just enjoy the scenery of the river quite a bit more. Christina and Isaac stayed behind with us as well, and spent the day sipping on gin and juice in a little pool along the side of the river. We also spent some time wading through the river, fording the river, and exploring the surrounding area. Christina classified some plants for us and Will attempted to spot out some fish. We did see some little tadpoles, though! We split some peanut soup that I made ahead of time for lunch and took an afternoon nap before the rest of the group got back. The rest of the night was spent around the fire, chatting and drinking good wine. And I only had one anxiety attack the entire trip (sorry guys)!

It was terribly hot (but you know how I feel about that) but all in all it was a great time spent meeting some wonderful new friends, and getting to know old ones better.

Tent City, you will be well remembered.