Braided Crown 3 Ways: The Bohemian Wrap

It is here at last, part 3 of my first ever hair tutorial, a Braided Crown 3 Ways. I am calling it The Bohemian
Wrap. This look sure has quite a bit more personality and funk than the other two crowns I have shown you, which is why I love it. I've been an avid wearer of a forehead braid for quite some time; for as long as my hair has been long enough to allow it, actually. Up until recently I had only been braiding a forehead braid to just past my ear and wearing it with my hair down. Or around the back and into a side ponytail. I thought, why not take it a step further? I love the spin a forehead braid puts on a braided crown, so I had to share.

This may be the most difficult of the braids I have shown you. It is tricky to get the end of your braid to lay right. And it may be tricky for you to braid your bangs. It will be more difficult if you have bangs that are shorter than to your ears, but you can definitely still try (be prepared to be tucking lots of ends in with bobby pins)!

1. Begin by combing through your hair to remove any tangles. Run a tiny bit of coconut oil through your hair with your finger tips, if you'd like. Doing so will help with frizz and create a nice smooth braid. Create a very deep side part and comb your hair flat over to the opposite side.
2. Select three strands of hair about an inch back along the side part and begin french braiding towards your forehead.
3. Once the braid has reached your forehead, continue to french braid but only gather new hair from one side. Gather from the side towards the back of your head, creating nice loops on your forehead.
4. Continue in the fashion all the way across your forehead, sloping downward towards the opposite ear.
5. Bring the braid over the top of the ear a bit, and continue it toward the bottom back of your head.
6. Once the braid has reached the back of your head, begin a normal french braid again, gather hair from both sides as you braid.
7. Braid all along the back and then slowly braid up again, towards your other ear, until you have all of your hair in the braid. If your hair is not long enough to braid all the way around, consider ending the braid near your first ear and wearing it with your hair down or bringing it to the opposite side into a side ponytail or starting another braid on the opposite side and meeting them in the back of your head (covering up the ends with a bow or clip if needed).
8. Finish the braid and bring it back over the top of your head, being careful that the hair around the ear lays flat when you do so.
9. Meet the end of the braid with the beginning of it as best you can and pin in place.

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P.s. I'm sad looking at this pictures because I lost one of those little white square earrings when I was camping and I am a baby.