Will's Birthday Celebrations

This weekend was filled with celebration. In addition to Father's Day, Will had a birthday on Friday. He and I are similar in that we both don't care too much for celebrating our own birthdays. But I still like to show him how much I love him and that I love that he was born! So we had a get together (of sorts) anyway!

Friday night we had dinner over at his parents' place, and well, he just got spoiled well.

His parents were lovely and cooked up a feast, featuring some of Will's favorites. We munched on yummy cheeses and veggies and wine. At one point we decided to open a bottle of champagne that was as old as Will. It was not good, haha. Dinner included giant oysters, fresh salmon, steaks, and red potatoes. A food coma ensued, of course.

^food coma faces^

I winged a whole wheat, egg-free, and butter-free chocolate cake and Will's mama prepared a chocolate frozen greek yogurt for dessert.

We all settled down at the end of the night to watch Tremors 2, at which point I took the opportunity to pass out on the couch until we were ready to go home :) I was so tired! Saturday we celebrated a bit more and went shopping for a felt hat (which Will looks so classy in) and had some Cafe Rio.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday, if you ask me. Tomorrow I'll share a little something I made and gifted to Will.