One Day at a Time: Revolt Check-In Week 7

The past few days have gone a little something like this...

Saturday: End of the week! I don't know how I made it through all those Tabatas. I should do my Revolt check-in post today...
Sunday: Okay, well, I should do that post today! I don't really want to take measurements though. Yawn.
Monday: And now it's the start of a new week; I really need to get that post in.
Tuesday: Blargh.
Wednesday: Okay...

I've been struggling a lot lately with finding motivation for workouts. It is always easy for me to stick with the food, although I did slip up just a little this weekend due to so many celebrations (oops), but I have a tendency to fall into these ruts after awhile. As you know, I suffer deeply with anxiety, but you might not know that I also suffer from depression. It is something I work at daily to control, but it does still affect every aspect of my life, sadly my health/fitness/workouts are no exception.

I'm still doing the workouts but I am not facing them from the frame of mind I would like to (how I was before). It may take me all day to convince myself that I should workout, only to then do it out of spite and not enjoy a minute of it. When I workout from a place of anger my workouts are lacking and I leave exhausted and frustrated. I'm missing that feeling of elation I use to get from Revolt workouts when I faced them all head on, as a challenge to myself, with strength and confidence.

And it is silly. Because I know that I am getting better and stronger and seeing the results I want. But there is still this part of me that feels like I haven't made any progress at all, or maybe not fast enough. I look in the mirror with disgust and hate measuring/weighing myself.

Taking each day as a new one has helped with this a bit. So has taking time to really just focus on my needs and really relaxing. I've been getting outside as much as possible. It's lovely and rainy today; I even took the dogs out and walked around in it a bit.

I've also been taking the time to really remind myself why I am doing Revolt and improving my health in the first place. I want to be strong and uninhibited about my real strengths. I want to feel capable of anything. I want to feel stronger physically so I can feel stronger mentally. I want to be healthy and fit and never afraid of participating in something active. I want to go backpacking for a week in the Sawtooths or along the Pacific coast and feel great. I want to really get into climbing. I want to feel confident in anything I wear. I want my confidence to shine through more than anything.

Because I really want to focus on how I am feeling and the reasons why I am getting fit, I may refrain from sharing measurements for a bit. I created a little motivational board for myself yesterday. Cheesy? Yes. But helpful.

stretch / inner strength / change / backpacking / kickboxing / mountain top / progress / canoeing / sweat

See more inspiration and fitness tips on my healthy body pinterest board. I hope you are all feeling strong and confident and beautiful.

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program. All results are real and my own. All opinions expressed are my own.