Summer Hair Inspiration

natural curls / beachy waves / cute short / casual up-do / forehead braid / messy
Summer to me screams natural hair. It is a time when everyone seems to embrace their own texture, color, and style. And I love this. One, because it is easy and realistic (given the summer heat) and two, because it is beautiful. This is the longest my hair has ever been and I'm struggling a bit as to what to do with it all. I still want to grow it out, but this time of year is when I always reach for the scissors and chop it off all over again. All this dark, thick hair is keeping me toasty; my sun hat has quickly become my saving grace. The fact that messy hair, or that beachy look, is desired this time of year is perfect because most days I don't have the patience to do anything with it. I'd sure love to experiment with new braids and up-dos, to get it all off my neck, but it is great to be carefree about my hair as well. Just air dry and go.

Summer is a perfect time to wash your hair less. Way less. You may remember me mentioning that I don't use shampoo on my hair. Well I wash it even less in the summer. Put it up, braid it, tie a scarf around, or put a hat on if you have to! Give your hair a bit of a break from all the damage it has been collecting the rest of the year from styling and give it regular deep conditioning treatments to protect it from the sun. I would recommend investing in some coconut oil.

Embrace those natural locks, lovelies.