I am Super Intelligent: Revolt Check-In Week 6

I am a few days late with my Revolt check-in this week, but I promise I have a good excuse. But first, let me clarify that the title of the post I am Super Intelligent, is completely drenched in so much sarcasm. I have discovered that I have been doing something so terribly wrong, and it may have affected the results I post here about Revolt. Let me explain; I include every week in my updates body fat percentages. To get this number I take millimeter measurements of my fat at four locations on my body (tricep, bicep, scapula, iliac crest) and using those numbers I then use an online calculator to determine my body fat percentage. It isn't completely accurate, but it is consistent and gives me a really good idea of the progress I am making.

^ the calipers I use^

Well, guys, I have been using my calipers all wrong. I am so embarrassed. I finally realized I had been making a mistake when I went to take Will's measurements for him on Saturday (yes he is doing Revolt with me! Yippee!). As I'm taking Will's measurements I realize I had a problem; for some reason my calipers would not allow you to take any measurements lower than 6 mm. Will is very thin and this will not do. So I say, maybe I can remove the zero marker, that should let me take a smaller measurement. The zero marker just adds bulk. And so, I try to remove it and well, you see the little marker there on the caliper in the image above? The marker at zero? It moves. It frakkin moves. This whole time I thought it was simply a marker for zero and non-moving, I had been taking my measurements as such:

Luckily, I have been consistently measuring wrong. So even though my measurements are incorrect, they are all incorrect by a certain amount. This means I can go back and fix my mistakes, taking my degree of error in to account, and calculate all of the correct measurements. I will go back as far as my very first post to update the measurements. This will take a bit of time (the math is easy, but I have to update all of the graphics for all of my posts) so I am just including pictures as a testament to my progress (in this week's post). I'll update with my correct measurements soon!

Regardless of the fact that I have be using some poor calculations, you can definitely see the progress I am making. A new uprising of Revolt started this week, and our workouts got an update; we are doing Tabatas! Tabatas, in case you don't know are a form of high intensity interval training founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata. For instance, you would preform an exercise all out at the highest intensity you can manage for 20 seconds and follow with a 10 second rest. You then repeat this high intensity/rest for 8 rounds. I love them, I mean I hate them and want to die while doing them, but I love them. I found my chest muscles this week when we had to do push-up tabatas. I don't think my pecs have ever really been sore. That is the thing I am most excited about, building up my upper body strength. I can squat for hours, but push-ups make me want to lay face down on my yoga mat. The upper body sadly gets a bit neglected by women but I am happy to say I am no longer afraid of working it hard! I'm so excited to continue Tabatas and Revolt and see all that my body can do!

Well, you know that I mentioned that Will is now doing Revolt with me. I should also mention that he is tiny. Will has seen how much I enjoy and am benefiting from the program that he wanted to join in. For him, it is more about learning a healthier lifestyle, and embracing a fit lifestyle that is so structured. Will has always enjoyed active things such as hiking, soccer, rock climbing, and long boarding, but he doesn't always have time to get and enjoy those activities. The thing he likes most about the program is how simple it is. He loves having meals already planned out and quick exercises to do after work. If anything, Will is hoping to get back into shape and gain some muscle mass and weight from participating in Revolt. Since upping his protein intake he has already gained 5 pounds! Woot!

Here are some pictures I took this weekend, after his first week of Revolt, so you can get an idea of where he is starting from.

See, he's just a tiny thing. In the future, Will will be posting his thoughts on the program here in my weekly progress posts in addition to my own.

Time to go workout! :)

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program. All results are real and my own. All opinions expressed are my own.