June Wishlist: Summer Dreamer

crop top / skirt / dress / sandals / lights / feather print / plant

I am excited for summer and all the opportunities warm weather brings. I'm just not ready for the melting heat. I think a pretty skirt or dress would make me feel better about it :) Now that I'm working out regularly, my upper body is getting fairly toned; I'm ready to show off my hard work with a crop top or a backless dress. I'm also desperately wanting a new pair of casual sandals. My poor Cachos are getting pretty worn and don't always go with everything. Despite the heat, this time of year usually has me feeling inspired. I've been inspired lately by plants and all that is growing and blooming around here. We've got lots of plants in this house, but there is always room for more. Another thing I have quite a bit of is feathers; I've been collecting little pretty ones for quite a while. I'm always looking for ideas for what to do with them. I'd also like to add some nice lights to our room (perhaps a DIY?). We had some string lights in our bedroom in Moscow and they were the perfect ambiance that I am missing.

What are you wishing for or dreaming about doing this summer? Just about every bone in this body if mine is aching for some adventure. I want to spend all day outside with a sun hat and a flowing skirt. We're hoping to take another camping trip here soon with some dear friends; that may just satisfy me for a while.