Alfredo's Vinyl Party

My friend Alfredo . . .

. . . hosts the best parties. I have been to a number of his gatherings and they have yet to disappoint. This weekend Alfredo invited us over for a Vinyl Party to kick off summer. It was very simple; people brought over their favorite vinyls and a selection of them were played throughout the night. There was BBQing, eating of so many yummy foods, great people, music listening, dancing, great conversation, games (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?) and plenty of pictures.

Will and I had fun learning of some new bands and chatting with everyone. I brought balsamic quinoa salad (recipe tomorrow!) and it seemed to be a hit. I'm ready for more summer nights with great friends. I'm now craving some live outdoor music, too. Thanks again, Alfredo, for always being lovely and putting together equally as lovely parties.