Weekend Update

Unfortunately, this weekend did not include as much adventure as the one before but it was still rather lovely. After all the excitement from last week's camping trip, it was nice to stick around town and get some things done. My skin also enjoyed a bit of a break from the sunshine.

1. Dessert last week was real yummy 2. Pippin's Saturday morning face 3.Will and his brew

Friday night my mom was hosting a bridal shower for a friend, so Will and I got my dad out of the house and met Bee and Tyler at the theater. The unanimous selection was obviously Star Trek: Into Darkness. We're all Sci-Fi enthusiasts over here, and my father instilled a love of all the great classics in me. I have loved the reboot but I think this second film by far outshone the first. That opinion may be partially swayed by the fact that I am completely enamored with Benedict Cumberbatch. If you haven't seen BBC's Sherlock, YOU GO DO THAT RIGHT NOW (I'll see you in a few days). Anyway, Khan is just such a good character. Go see this movie; it's definitely one that is worth the money.

Saturday was casual and I loved it. I slept in a bit, ate good food, and got a lot of chores done around the house that I had kept putting off. Will was even more productive than me. After showing up at the campsite last Friday and realizing our headlamps' batteries were dead,  he went through all the camping equipment and took inventory. Did I mention that we have found FOUR ticks on Pippin so far this year?! Those things are nasty. Keep your pups safe.

Sunday we had a little celebration for my sister, Jenica. She graduated earlier this month from the University of Idaho with her Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language. Lots of time with family and lots of food. I made a delicious, healthy quinoa salad that was a hit; I'll probably share the recipe for it here soon.

^ my siblings and I ^

After that winded down, Will and I went out with Jeni and her boyfriend Kirk for a beer. Then I grabbed my groceries for the week! I'm excited for this weeks Revolt recipes.

Hope your weekend was lovely as well.