Today is a bit Grey

It's cool, grey, cloudy and threatening rain outside today. I can't complain too much; I appreciate a break from the sun and the heat occasionally.

No, it's not the weather that is bothering me today, but the fact that I am feeling a little under the weather. Actually, I've been feeling off all week. It's as if someone has reached in and jumbled my whole schedule and left me the mess. I haven't been sleeping well, I have quite a few projects I can't seem to get done, and all my perfectly organized things seem a troubled mess.

My terrible allergies are finally living up to their reputation and are catching up to me. I've also had a migraine  and nausea since waking up yesterday. My plans for today include napping, drinking tea, reading my book, wearing a cozy sweater and the cool comfy pants my sister got in Jordan, maybe (a huge maybe) catching up on the workout I missed while feeling sick yesterday, a walk with my pups, updating a few things around the blog, and transporting some plants to better homes. Today I'm just trying to take things easy and give myself a rest; it is hard to do when you feel like there are a million and one things you should be doing instead.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully fully rested, to share a little recipe with you. Until then, lovelies, take care of yourselves.