May Wishlist

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The warm weather has quickly come upon us here in Boise. It already has my thinking of (and slightly dreading) summer. So instead of focusing on the heat, I'm brainstorming all the fun things to do outside now that the weather is nice. I am craving adventure constantly. Will and I love canoeing, and being near the water in general. It would be so so lovely to have our own. They are just a little pricey, even the cheap ones, like this one. Whether or not we get our own canoe, I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time this summer down by and on the water. I'd love a larger pack, too, for backpacking trips in the sawtooths. I also really need to get some new workout gear. Mine is a little outdated and sparse, and it is just not keeping up with my new workout routine :) I listed a few other hopefuls above that are to die for. I'm loving the scalloped trend that is going around. It's so cute and feminine. And I've wanted a pair of Saltwater Sandals, for, like, ever. I may just buy some this year.