DIY Statement Floral Headpiece

As promised, I am back sharing the other floral headpiece I made using the pretty blooms I picked up. Sorry it's a little later than expected (things have been busy around here!). And yes, I took these in my bathroom. It has really good lighting, okay? You can judge me.

I mentioned that I made the delicate floral crown for a photo shoot with my sister. I loved that crown, but I was still tempted to do something with the larger yellow blooms I didn't end up using. This statement piece is what I came up with. I loved how this headpiece turned out. It's glamorous but bohemian, and quite a statement piece. Wouldn't this make an even lovelier addition to a photo shoot? I think so. It is so bold; Wear it proudly! As always, it is pretty easy to make. See how I created this piece below.

How to Make a Floral Crown:
  1. What you'll need: fake flowers in the color(s) of your choosing - for a real statement piece select larger, bolder, brighter blooms (the more the merrier!); lace ribbon; floral wire (optional); any other desired accents; scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks
  2. Begin by peeling apart your bunch of fake flowers. To make things easy, select the longest of the stems to use as your base. They are full of wires, but nicely covered meaning it will be a flexible, sturdy, and thick base, allowing you to add blooms however you like. I used this approach in the first floral crown I made. If your flower bunch doesn't have a long stem, use floral wire to create a base. I selected 6 wires and weaved the end of the strands together. Use your head as a guide and bend your base into a round shape that will sit comfortably. Leaving length on both sides, wrap lace ribbon around the base of the crown. Hot glue securely in place a few times as you do so the ribbon won't slip. This will provide padding for the ends of the wires that will sit by your ears.  Leaving length on both sides will allow you to secure it to your head if needed.
  3. Space out the wires to make your base as wide as wanted. Don't worry about the space between the wires, the flowers will be secure enough when hot glued together. 
  4. Start by adding big leaves and greens to the base, positioning where ever looks best. Try turning the headpiece upside down to secure the wires to the backsides of various pieces of greenery.
  5. Remove individual flowers from the bunch and hot glue them onto the base, positioning however looks best. Be sure to layer them a bit, if they are large flowers like mine, to add dimension. Put more flowers in the center of the headpiece to add body and shape, tapering off toward the sides. Be sure to trim the stems as you go, you don't want it to be poking into your head. Continue in this fashion all the way around the crown. Add as little or as many blooms as you'd like. 
  6. Do one last trim of stems and spot check, filling in areas more where necessary. Clean up all those fly-away strands of hot glue too to make it look neat. You're done!
I told you that was easy :) 

Don't forget to check out the tutorial for a delicate floral crown I posted earlier.