Thrifty Thursday: My Spring Threads

I thought it would be fun to share with you something I actually wear (quite a lot) with you for Thrifty Thursday today instead of my usual post of things I'm lusting for. And also share with you every picture of myself with my hand on my hip. I obviously know only one pose.

I love clothes and fashion, but the truth is I just don't get new stuff very often. I have a tendency to wear pieces until they are completely worn and torn. I still own and wear some clothes I had in junior high! And they are in fairly decent shape. When I do buy new clothes, I will only buy things if they are a great deal. For instance, that cardigan in this post I got at Old Navy, but I waited until it was marked down a few times and ended up getting it for $2! My Chacos I also found on sale when I lived in Moscow (they usually go for $90-$100).

When buying new things I also try to go for things I now will stay in style for quite some time. The skirt I am wearing is actually fairly new. The high-low trend and the maxi skirt trend are both trends I've loved and they seem to be sticking around a while. I love this skirt, because it accomplishes both subtly, but isn't too trendy. I can see myself wearing this for years. And the cool colors are so classic. I found it at a DownEast Basics discount store in Meridian, ID for $12!

Although I have had most of these items for years, I still thought it would be fun to add up the different prices I paid for them:

Skirt: DownEast Basics, $12 on sale
Tank Top: hand-me down, free
Cardigan: Old Navy, $2 a few years ago
Shoes: Chacos, $45, a few years a go
Headpiece: DIY
Total Outfit Costs: $59

And, of course, to make up for that hand-on-hip extravaganza:

^all pictures in this post by Brianna Hodgkin^
Because you can't take photo shoots too seriously.