DIY Delicate Floral Crown

My sister took a few pictures for me last weekend and I threw this floral crown together on a whim before I headed out to her place. Isn't it lovely? I was pretty happy with how it turned out. And doesn't she make me look good? Jeez, Bee. I must also thank her for a few new images around this blog thing.

I think this delicate little floral crown is a nice whimsical outfit addition. It sure says a lot without being over the top. It made me feel like a woodland goddess :) ha. I actually think it would even look really great for a wedding. The best part, though? It was super easy to make. You can see how I created this piece below.

How to Make a Floral Crown:

  1. What you'll need: fake flowers in the color(s) of your choosing - for a delicate look select smaller blooms, lace ribbon, floral wire (optional), any other desired accents, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks
  2. Begin by peeling apart your bunch of fake flowers. To make things easy, select the longest of the stems to use as your base. They are full of wires, but nicely covered meaning it will be a flexible, sturdy, and thick base, allowing you to add blooms however you like. If your flower bunch doesn't have a long stem, use floral wire to create a base by weaving a few wire strands together. Use your head as a guide and bend your base into a round shape that will sit comfortably.
  3. Leaving length on both sides, wrap lace ribbon around the base of the crown. Hot glue securely in place a few times as you do so the ribbon won't slip. Leaving length on both sides will allow you to secure it to your head more securely. This will also come in handy if your crown doesn't quite reach all the way around your head.
  4. Removing individual flowers from the bunch and hot glue them onto the base, positioning however looks best. Be sure to put varying sized near each other and to include greenery and other accents to add dimension. Also be sure to trim the stems as you go, you don't it to be poking into your head.
  5. Continue in this fashion all the way around the crown. Add as little or as many blooms as you'd like. 
  6. Do one last trim of stems and spot check, filling in areas more where necessary. Clean up all those fly-away strands of hot glue too to make it look neat. You're done!

I told you that was easy :)

Check back later today for Thrifty Thursday featuring the outfit I am wearing in these pictures. Next week I'll share the statement floral head piece I made with those larger yellow blooms you can see in the step by step pictures.

If you've made your own floral crown, leave a link in the comments below. I'd love to see them!