Hiking: Jump Creek

We've been having some really lovely weather here in Boise. I'm one of those weird people who actually prefers the cold a bit. Yes, winter is my favorite season. Yes, I hate summer and the heat and allergies and sunburns and all those things. But I must admit this time of year is always exciting; everything starting over. And it's sure pleasant to get those chilled winter bones heated up. Will and I were dog sitting my sister's dog Bo (he's the white pup) and we felt we just had to get out and take advantage of the nice weather. So Saturday we headed west to Jump Creek and hiked around the canyon. The view of the valley up there is breathtaking. It was our first real outing this year, it's hard to get out and do stuff like this when it's winter butt cold. The dogs were so happy to get some fresh air (just look at that face on Pippin) and so was I. And we got down the canyon just in time; a nice rain started just as we got in the car. We'll have to go back soon when the falls get a little fuller.