DIY Terra Cotta Makeover

It is full on Fall around here. The leaves on the tree out our bedroom are bright fire orange, my dining table is covered in an assortment of mini pumpkins, I've been constantly burning my favorite mulled cider candle, and my little patio herb/veggie garden is looking pretty spent. Don't get me wrong, I love autumn (and winter, especially), but I do get a little sad every year when my patio gardening comes to an end. This time around, though, I've just used it as an excuse to buy a few more house plants!   

I love house plants. Like, really love them. Like, I have over 40 houseplants in a 700 sq ft apartment. I personally find it necessary to have plants indoor, but they're also they best decor!  However, when you buy houseplants in mass like I tend to do, things can add up quickly. Pots are expensive! Which is why I usually go the terra cotta route. 

Terra cotta pots are such a great option and a smart choice for a budget. But if you don't want a sea of clay pots in your home (because you have 40+ houseplants), a simple solution is to customize them with just a little paint! It's so easy! And such a clever way to add some personality to your potted plants.  


All it takes are some terra cotta pots, acrylic paint (you can use any color, but I just love how white looks with terra cotta), some paint brushes, masking tape if you want to make clean lines (but I didn't use any, I liked the raw edged look), and a surface to paint on! 

A Few Tips

+ Wash your pots before painting. Especially if they've been used before. But even if you bought them brand new from the store, chances are some dust has settled into the surface. Just rinse them with warm water and a little bit of dish soap. Most importantly! Let the pots dry completely after washing before painting. Maybe even let them sit over night to dry. Terra cotta absorbs a lot of moisture and you want a dry, clean surface to paint!

+ If you're just painting with white like me, I'd recommend choosing fun, bold geometric patterns. They look so good in two-tone! 

+ If you're wondering how I achieved the aged/white-washed look on the pot that the ivy is in, it's super easy! Make a white wash (a 1 to 1 ration of acrylic white paint and water), and paint it on with a big foam brush. As you paint, wipe down the surface after each stroke with a dry paper towel and just work all the way around! 

+ Paint empty pots. It's a lot easier to take a plant out, paint, and then repot your plant. Don't follow my above photo example, you will get soil everywhere. I painted that pot one way, and then after potting the plant decided I wanted to add stripes. I was too lazy to take the plant back out and just went with it, but I still made a mess. Take my word for it. 

+ I love displaying these pots (and plants) in small collections. They make such a statement! Everyone seems to love them and comments on them. Definitely play around with different groupings and different places to display your plants. Just make sure they're getting the proper lighting! 

Now go spruce up that indoor garden of yours! 

Emorie KidderComment