Recent Work: The Desert Poppy

My schedule has been a little hectic lately, so while I actually did the install for this design on Monday I'm finally getting a moment to tell you all about it on Friday. That's just life sometimes. Regardless, I'm so excited to share my most recent work with you! Designing for Kassandra was really fun — we have very similar styles and tastes, so getting to the same place creatively to envision the new look for her blog was relatively easy. I'll share a little about the design inspiration and process with you!


Kassandra's blog is titled The Desert Poppy, so rightfully I wanted to take a lot of inspiration from the desert. But, having already done a very deserty design, I didn't want the design to feel unoriginal. And as with the previous (Desert Darling) design, I didn't want it to be too deserty (think cactus) or come off as cheesy. Kassandra also wanted everything to come off more modern and clean and moody, so we made some bold choices that I think made all the difference. Adding a chalkboard sidebar really set the stage for this design. It added such a unique and interesting element! But, I didn't want it to be too distracting — so I kept it slightly grey instead of a harsh blackboard. This complimented the paper textured background and desert colors wonderfully. I went with a array of desert greens this time, with a pop of coral and poppy pink. The addition of hand-drawn desert floral and succulent accents really tied everything together.


Be sure to give The Desert Poppy a visit to see the design in action and see all the fun details at work. Be sure to say hello to Kassandra while you're there, too! Thanks so much for letting me design for you, Kassandra!

I'll be slowing down my design services a bit, as I just don't have the time to work on them as I used to. But if you are at all interested in having me design for you, don't hesitate to contact me for more information and let's reserve you a spot!

Happy Friday!