Longing for Autumn | Wishlist

If you're wanting my opinion on the matter, these last days of summer are the least lovely of the year. Not terrible, by any means, just the least lovely. August always seems to draw out longer than any other month as I'm always anxious for it to be over. Will is always out in the field (for work) around this time too, which will surely make these next few weeks seem even longer. I'm sure feeling ready for shorter and cooler days filled with crisp air and that special renewal of inspiration only Autumn brings.


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The fact that I work in retail isn't helping how much I'm longing for the change of season. We've already gotten in so much pretty fall items at Anthro — I tried on both the dress and cardigan above the other day and fell in love immediately. Now I just need the daily temperatures to not rise to 80 or 90 degrees. The mornings have been getting a lot cooler lately, though, which has me even more hopeful for autumn air. It also has me baking (isn't autumn just perfect for baking!?); if I bake before noon I don't burn up the house by simply turning the oven on :) I'd also love a few more cozy pieces for our place for the cooler months; like this beautiful Mitla Moda woven rug, some dreamy curtains, and lots of comfy blankets.

Raise your hand if your pining for fall, too.

Happy Weekend!

xx Emorie