Grab a Drink & Eat Up Darling | DIY

I have the easiest DIY ever to share with you today.


Like, seriously, if you have a sharpie and a scrap piece of wood (that's just been lying around, sadly, begging you to use it for months) then you're already halfway done. Open up that sharpie and write some pretty words on the wood and you're really done. And you've got something cool and unique to spruce up some wall space. I've been sprucing up all sorts of corners of our apartment lately. I'm finally putting up some of the art and prints that we've had lying around — not knowing where to hang them. Something about Will being gone all this week (for work) has me a little stir crazy, or cabin feverish. But hey, I'm getting things done. I digress.

There is this awkward door in our apartment's kitchen. Literally every single person we've had over for the first time, when getting a tour of the place, opens this door and goes "Oh, what's in here?" expecting to find a full pantry. Or maybe a stacked washer and dryer. But they are all quickly disappointed when all there is to see is a giant water heater; that's all that's back there. Sorry, guys. This is apartment life. To top it off, the disappointing door is framed by an off-center air vent and a crooked phone jack. I hung the sage branch not long after moving in, to try and fill the dead space next to it, and balance it out a bit. But despite the pretty branch, this little section of our kitchen has always seemed off to me. So today I hung this Let's Stay Home print (fromMaiedae) and made a little wooden sign (inspired by this) to hang as well. I think it makes quite the difference.

See how I easily made this kitchen sign below.



+ scrap piece of wood

+ printer + computer

+ text editing software

+ printer paper

+ a sharpie


+ Measure you scrap piece of wood (mine measured 12in x 5in).

+ Choose/create a phrase to use.

+ Using a text editing software, chose the font (I used Tamoro Script) and layout for your phrase of choice.

+ Be sure to keep the entire layout within the measurements of your wood piece.

+ Print out your phrase onto plain printer paper.

+ Trim down the paper to fit the wood piece and tape in place.

+ Trace directly over the phrase with a sharpie, pressing firmly.

+ The sharpie will bleed through the paper and lightly mark the wood.

+ Remove the paper and, using your print out as a reference, completely fill in the phrase with the sharpie.


Grab a drink & eat up, darling.

xx Emorie