Let Me Design For You

If you've been thinking about making some changes to your blog — and are interested in working with me to do so — now is when we should make that happen! Right now is the perfect time to redesign and have a completely fresh look just in time for Autumn. I absolutely love having the opportunity to work and design for fellow bloggers and working with you would be a real treat. Let me create a way to give your blog a fresh feel you’ve been wanting. I’ll take those ideas swarming around inside your head to create a site that will be gorgeous, efficient, and completely you. That way you can stop worrying about the appearance of your blog and get back to focusing on what you love. Let's get all your energy back to creating content and posts!


I'm busily working with a few fun clients right now (and I can't wait to share the results with you), but I have two or three spots left for the summer. Grab those spots now because come September Oh Whimsical Me will undergo a change of it's own — moving to a new place under a different name. And with that move, my super awesome summer discount design prizes will go up a bit!

This is a great opportunity to give your blog a major makeover without having to do any of the grunt work. I'll do it all for you, and at a great price! Hurry up and book your spot now and let's get brainstorming together!

Learn more about my design services at a great price on the Design Services page.

xx Emorie