Lavender Fields Forever

I get all the awards for going outside when it was 106 degrees, let alone picking lavender in that heat. But I wasn't going to let the extremely uncomfortable temperatures keep me inside this day. 


Lakeside Lavender farm in Nampa, ID was a place I had been really looking forward to visiting (ever since hearing about the festival they put on every year). And they were only allowing public cuttings for one week. And Sunday was the only day we were able to go. And this was the last year they were going to be doing it (I think the family is moving?).

The heat and sweat was well worth it. It was breathtakingly beautiful out there — with the rows and rows of purple blooms backdropped by golden grass, dense trees, and the pretty blue lake. And boy, I was ready to run through all those fields straight to the lake for a dip after cutting lavender for maybe 30 minutes. But the two giant bundles of fresh lavender I got to take home was reward enough. They had a whole array of different strands of lavender to chose from. I cut a big bundle of the super sweet smelling "provence" and it is now drying out in our bedroom and providing a really pleasant aroma. I also grabbed a great big bundle of a few different culinary strands, which has more of a herby sage-like smell to it. I can't wait to make something delicious. Do you have any favorite lavender recipes? I'll at least make a simple syrup from some to add some lavender to iced coffee! Yum.

It was just so lovely out there guys. I wish I could have fresh lavender in my home year round. But the pretty pictures Will took of me will have to do for memory, I suppose. But I really love all the pictures he took, hence the huge photo dump. Even if I was all sweaty and red in the face, he always captures me so well (I think). Mostly, I'm still shocked that I walked away sunburn free!


+ Top | DownEast (similarsimilar)

+ Skirt | It was a hand-me-down

+ Sandals | Target

+ Hat | Target (similarsimilar)

I've been very quiet over here, and I'll unfortunately say that things will likely continue to be for awhile. Summer gets me down, guys. And when you're depressed, it takes quite a lot of effort to write up posts. These feelings are only exacerbated by the fact that this blog has me feeling a little stuck. I have been working on a new site/blog, but for reasons that would take far too long to explain (and likely bore you), the plans to move everything to a new location keeps getting pushed back. I'm still sharing on instagram all the time, though, if you want to keep up with me. And I won't neglect this space entirely; just expect something more like 1 or 2 posts a week for now :)

xx Emorie