Geometric Spring/Summer iPhone Backgrounds | Free Download

I wanted to stop in really quick with something fun for you! Things have been rather quiet over here, and they will likely continue to be for awhile, as I'm busy busy busy with other projects. I'm really excited about some of the work I'm doing, and I'll have more to share with you soon as well as (eventually) a bunch of changes here. But, wow, I am getting ahead of myself. I've been playing around with lots and lots of patterns lately, so I'd thought I'd share some with you.  I adore spring colors, so I went a little crazy. And of course, ice cream, as it has been a staple in my diet lately (I kid... or do I?) thanks to the sudden increase in temperature here. These patterns are super cute, colorful, and fun and are perfect for a simple lock-screen or home-screen style.

Please feel free to use any of the of the images above to give your phone a fresh and colorful new look. Just view my blog on your phone, then click the image above you want to use to view a higher resolution. Then, hold down on the image, select save image, and find it in your camera roll from there. You know the drill :)

Happy May!

xx Emorie