Texture Samples | Signs of Spring

It's been raining constantly and fiercely for quite a few days. When I didn't wake up to the pounding sound of rain on the roof this morning, I knew I had to get out first thing and hit the trails with Pip. We've been itching to go hiking for days, seeing as it is or regular morning routine to do so. I love the rain, but it is a bit of a bummer when it keeps you from your daily walk through the hills. Mudslides are kind of a thing, haha. This morning was lovely, to say the least. We went an extra long route to give our legs the stretch they needed. It was rather cold and windy (I was bundled up in a hat and down coat), but I rarely noticed. Spring is starting to take life in these hills and it is wonderful.


If you ask me, the best time to go out on the trails (well, besides, you know, everyday...) is the day after it's been storming. There is hardly anyone out there, except maybe a few trail crew teams filling up holes left by the rain. You may even see some deer! And there are lots of treasures to find all over the place from the plant life having been blown about. I collected some pretty pieces to hang inside. Pippin wasn't too fond of the treasures, he got tumbleweed stuck to his face on several separate occasions, haha. He also didn't quiet understand my picture taking and decided to munch on all the grass I tried to photograph. Whatever, jokes on you Pippin — it totally enhances the image :)

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xx Emorie