Horse Feathers

Ready for a confession? Will and I tend to be pretty huge home bodies on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday is usually spent hanging around the house with each other and getting ready for the next week ahead. We'll enjoy hikes, time with family, and fun activities around town on occasion, but normally we keep to ourselves and we like it that way. But when my favorite band comes to town, you bet your ass I'll be there dancing.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Horse Feathers perform twice already, years ago, both times at the Bell Tower (a pretty, old, repurposed church) in Pullman, Washington (minutes away from Moscow, Idaho where I use to live). Horse Feathers was the first band I introduced Will to when we met — we both have excellent taste, what can I say — and he quickly fell equally in love, as I am, with their sound. Bon Iver, Horse Feathers, and Sucre are kind of our go-to's when listening to music together — for sentimental reasons and simply because they are always good. I prefer to listen to Horse Feathers when we are road-tripping or when experiencing a lot of creative energy. This is perfect crafting music, guys.

Well, it has been long discussed that we wanted to see Horse Feathers perform together. We love shows, especially together, so one of our favorite bands is a must. Plus, I felt guilty for having seen them twice already without Will (but hey, it was before we met). So when I saw that Horse Feathers was on the schedule for this year's Treefort Music Fest (Boise's music festival, in it's third year), I was instantly excited and then depressed. Because I knew I couldn't afford a weekend pass. But! We later found out that you could pay to get into individual shows, so we made a quick walk into downtown late Friday night to catch their set.

They played at Pengilly's Saloon at midnight on Friday night and it was perfect. The bar scene was a little different experience then seeing them previously in that pretty old church in Pullman, but boy was it just as enjoyable. They kept things more upbeat, and I was certainly dancing along. If only everyone in that bar could have been as mesmerized by their music as I was (jeez, bars are noisy). So, excuse the background noise in the video below.

Hope your weekend was equally as care-free.

xx Emorie