Goals for March

We're four days into March and I'm still having a hard time accepting that February is over. It's like I fell asleep January 31st and woke up March 1st. Which is strange, because the last short little month was one of the craziest times in my life, as well as one of the busiest. I guess all of those long days began to morph into one after awhile and time seemed irrelevant for a bit. Which is silly, because so many things were on a deadline. Anyway... I'm a day late, but I'm linking up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective for monthly wishes.

+ So many of my yearly goals got bumped to the back of my priority list this last month. I don't usually let stress affect me too thoroughly; I am a highly sensitive person but I am also a planner and a thinker, so I get over most hardships that arise fairly quickly. But, I am the type of person that, when going through many changes and stresses at once, will let anxiety quickly take over. This past month is one of the worst times I've had yet, anxiety wise. When this happens, I don't have energy for things like reading, workouts, or blogging. Which is silly, because those are all such great stress releasors (usually).
+ I did accomplish my goal of getting out of the house more, though. It was basically a necessity, though. The mess at the old place was a little too much to handle at times, and while out searching for our new place we made an effort to take to enjoy walks and hikes. Hiking the foothills (especially), at this time, definitely helped clear the mind and help bring in to focus what I wanted from a new place and what I want to accomplish in this next phase in my life.
+ Because I have been out hiking and walking so much, even more so now that we live right on the trails, I have definitely still been getting exercise. But, I am not to the point I would have been had I been able to continue with the progress I had already made in January. The schedule I had created, tough workouts 5 days a week, was way to much for me while dealing with everything else. But I won't be starting from nowhere when I start up again regularly.
+ I also have made little progress on my reading, so I'll have two books to share with you at the end of this month. I haven't had much time to work on my design shop, so the launch date on that will be pushed back significantly.

+ I'm so happy to be back to an almost normal schedule again. I've been waking daily at 6:30, making coffee and breakfast, packing a lunch for Will and getting him off to work (on weekdays), walking or hiking with Pippin, showering, then starting my 'work' day by 9:00. I would love to keep this morning schedule up, and even continue it on the weekends (not sleeping-in), so that I have a healthy and regular sleep pattern. I feel so much better for it already.
+ In addition to healthy sleep, I'd like to add more workouts into my schedule. We were so lucky to find this place, because it is exactly what we wanted. We feel secluded up here nestled on the hill side, but are still close to downtown. Everything is easy biking distance, just a few skips away is Camels Back park, and hundreds of miles of trails are outside our door. Exercise and activity will come easily here. The day we moved and a few after, were so warm and beautiful that I hiked 3 times a day. And my calfs were so sore. I also want to include, again, more hiit/cardio type workouts. And yoga. Lots of yoga. Maybe I'll even try trail running. Haha, yea right.
+ I am job hunting like crazy. Will has a pretty good job and I have plans to open up online shops, but any amount of additional income right now is going the be good for us. We're budgeting really well and paying of debts (thanks college that I didn't even finish), but we also really need to save too. Because we have big (and small) plans. I've heard back from a few places already, and even went through the interview process with one job opportunity (only to get an automated email saying I didn't get it ugh). I'm in a place now (right near downtown) where job opportunities are more common and frequent, so even though I have limited employment experience, I am staying optimistic.
+ I have a lovely new place to craft in, with a surface for just that, and lots of creative energy. I'm excited to create in here. I have plans for some DIYs, coming your way shortly, involving decorating in here. I am also ready to plan more for my shop.

Thank you for all the kind words yesterday about our new place! I'm settling in nicely, and you can bet your bottom I'll share more — including DIY projects and a full tour — as I make each corner my own.

What are your plans for the next month? It feels that so many of us are in the middle of big changes.
xx Emorie