Snippets: Valentines and Stress

Life lately, according to iPhone pictures:
1. a couple of the valentines treats from my mom |  2. my favorite cuties, snuggling | 3. homemade heart-shaped kale pizza for dinner on Valentines Day | 4. pizza is love | 5. this place may be our backyard soon | 6. pretty sunset the other night | 7. we've had spring like weather lately; Pippin loves it and riding with the windows down | 8. a Pippin panic while Will filled up gas | 9. .... continued

The last couple of weeks have been a huge blur. There are a lot of transitions happening at once and it is all rather intimidating. We are going to be taking a few risks, because we have confidence they will be worth it, but that means my anxiety and stress has been at an all time high for a countless number of days. It is strange, when we come to points like this in our relationship where we are facing hardships and difficult decisions; they some how always bring us so incredibly close. I think it says a lot that when I'm worried, all I want to do is hold you. So, we had a very low key Valentines Day, in fact we spent all of it at home. We have been nonstop trouble-shooting and problem-solving lately, so we took a day off. We binge-watched a few episodes of the new season of House of Cards and I made us a pizza. It was a great refresh, and a great opportunity to brainstorm even more. I absolutely love simple moments like that, sharing our dreams with each other.

We're going to do great things together, darling. It may take some time, but oh I can feel it.

xx Emorie