Goals for 2014

Hello, 2014. I like how you're feeling so far.

If you've been a reader here for awhile, I'm sure you've noticed my monthly goals posts. I really enjoy posting them, for very selfish reason. It is a great way for me to check in and evaluate how I am doing in many different aspects of my life. I much more enjoy setting small, simple goals each month that are attainable and beneficial rather than playing into the hype of a yearly resolution. In my own past experience, resolutions were never mapped out well and quickly dropped or forgotten completely. But, as I've previously talked about, I do still love using this time at a new year to reflect over the year previous and think of areas that still need improvement. I'm combining the two a bit this time around and outlining several long term goals I have for the year that will then be further broken down into smaller attainable goals as each month goes on.

I'm so excited for some changes, for learning, for growth, and to take everything as it comes.


Blog Life
+ Be more of a creator and less of a blogger.
To be honest, there have been quite a few times recently where I have felt extremely and entirely BLEH about blogging lately. I think this happens primarily when I am posting just to have something up or when I am creating just for blogging content and not because it is really something I wanted to do. I do love blogging, and I love sharing parts of my life here with you as well as projects I am excited about. But I think what I really need to do is leave all of these preconceptions I have about what blogging is, what it is suppose to be, and how I've been doing it behind. My true passions are creating and expressing; I want this place to be reflective of that first and foremost.

+ Open Shop.
You've probably noticed that there is a little link up there in the header that says 'design' and that it has linked to absolutely nothing and has since it existed. Well, actually, it links to a picture of Pippin because that little face makes everyone a little happier. Just know that there are things in the works and that everything around here will be changing quite a bit over the course of the next year. I couldn't be more excited (and scared) about it.

+ Expand as needed and accept changes (because usually they're good things).
Kind of in line with the first two things I want to work on for my blog this year, I have plans to change quite a few things up and as a result hopefully experience some growth. I don't want to be reluctant to any of these changes or hold back in the slightest.

Real Life 
+ Create a integrative schedule to get moving.
I miss being fit and feeling strong, confident, and highly focused. I want to try to integrate yoga more into my schedule, so will most likely be looking for some refreshing morning routines to try. I want to challenge myself physically again too and add a few days of lifting and toning a week. I'm all about workouts that take little time and can fit seamlessly into your day but are still going to push you to be better. I'm excited to get started!

+ Read at least one book a month.
I love reading and I always have and it is something I do regularly. I have a tendency, though, to hang on to books for a really long time. I really like to savor them, and to me that generally means taking my time with them. But my reading list has gotten unbelievably long and I want more. I've mostly been reading A Dance with Dragons the past month or so, limiting myself to two-ish chapters a night (because the next installment hasn't been released yet). I've finally realized how silly this is and I'm ready to finish and start other books. I want to push myself to read different types of literature, too, because I tend to stick to my favorites, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, 90% of the time. There is so much more out there!

+ More unplugged days.
As much as my recent blogging hiatus was very much unplanned, it was certainly needed and appreciated. I plan on scheduling, purposely, a few breaks from blogging throughout the year this time around. Planning some posts ahead of time will be worth it, to get a refreshing break from my sometimes tedious blogging schedule to relax, reflect, and reevaluate where things are headed.

+ Learn new things.
I want to carve out more time this year to learn new things and try out some new hobbies. I want this next year to be remembered as the year that I pushed boundaries and sought out ways to improve myself. I've always wanted to be great at calligraphy, why not now? Maybe I should finally act on my dream to be a part of a roller derby. My goal is to try out something entirely new once a month, all year long. I'll be sure to share these adventures with you.

I just want to continue trying to be the best version of myself. You know? What are some goals you're setting for yourself this year?
xx Emorie