A Freeing Feeling

Saturday morning included a little (slightly) spontaneous drive. I woke up before the sun and let Pippin out into the cold to do his business but I couldn't help standing there with the door wide open waiting for him. Beautiful thick rain clouds were rolling in and the breeze was crisp and had a slight bite to it (in the best way). My pup stood there with his face to the sky filling his lungs with the clean cold unfamiliar scent and I did the same. But to me, it smelled like the north and it felt like home. Once we were fully awake and showered, I bundled up with my wet hair and we headed out. We grabbed some almond milk hazelnut lattes (yum) from the Lucky Perk near our house, turned on some Bon Iver and drove with no destination in mind while it drizzled. I may have even rolled down my window at some point. It was short and sweet and freeing.

xx Emorie