Inspired by: Pretty Things

It is such a lovely cloudy, rainy, chilly day here in Boise. I am enjoying it indoors with a warm sweater, slippers, a cup of tea, and the heating turned up. I'm feeling rather cozy and will likely spend the day crafting under a pile of blankets. I'm sure there will be plenty of puppy snuggles thrown in there as well. Before I bunker down with my stack of things to do I wanted to pop in here quickly and share with you something a little different. Here are some pretty things I am just loving this week and felt like sharing for no real particular reason. Enjoy.

1. This picture of a pair gazing over a pretty lake. Ugh. Gimme.
2. This pretty collar from the etsy shop Fila Arcana. It is no longer available, but there are others.
3. Breathtaking autumn color and crystal river.
4, 5, 6. Yes, I included three separate images of the Knowles-Carter family. I may have spent way too much time yesterday digging through the archives of Beyonce's tumblr. I spend my days doing really important things. B and Blue Ivy and bubbles / Jay-Z and Blue / our Queen reigning over the seas.
7. James Wolpert's version of Joni Mitchell's A Case of You. OH MY GOD. I have listened to this song on repeat all day today. I am slightly obessed with The Voice and I am unashamed. It makes the deprived choir girl in me very happy. And James, I'm rooting for you, but if you don't win you best still make an album because I am so ready to buy that so hard ugh.
8. A simple reference tool that will come in handy now that I'm sketching more regularly.
9. I"m also a fan of Caroline Pennel on The Voice this season. Her voice is so sweet and unique and her arrangments are pretty impressive. She kept it simple this week and sang The White Stripes We're Going to Be Friends. How adorable is she?
10. This photo series that photographer Kai Fagerström put together in an old cottage in rural Suomusjärvi, Finland, abandoned decades ago, is so cool! He documents its new animal residents in a unique and whimsical way, with an edge of mystery. I love it.
11. This sketch I found on tumblr is just perfect is all.
12. I also love this little photo series by photographer Danique van Kesteren. So cozy.
13. I'm a fan of mixed textures and patterns, always.
14. I've been really in the need for some mountain air. Crossing my fingers that I can get some soon.
15. This Julien David knife print cardigan is amazing, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

And with that, I'm off to craft. I hope you're all staying warm and having lovely days.
xx Emorie