Weekend Wears: Autumn Leaves and Polka Dots

pretty light and antler-likefall leaves and polka dotsfall leaves and polka dotsscarf season

Want to hear a story? I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am one of those people to hold onto clothes for years. I'm not a hoarder, I just rarely shop and carefully select my pieces. I've had this polka dot dress since I was 15. Yep, this pretty thing has stuck around with me for almost 8 years. My mom helped me pick it out (and bought it for me) for a school dance/celebration. Around these parts, 7th-9th grade is in Junior High (not middle school) and 10th-12th at High School. At the end of every school year, at South Junior High, an event was put on for the 9th graders who would be moving on to Borah (our High school). This is the dress I wore to that Freshman Farewell. And I must say that I'm pretty proud that at 15 I picked out a dress that would still be a staple in my wardrobe so many years later. It's just one of those classic pieces I never tire of. And it has held up remarkably well considering how often I wear it.

Dress: Very old, but if I remember right it was purchased at Macy's. Tag says Love Tease.
Belt: From a different dress
Cardigan: Target (similar)
Scarf: Forever 21, years ago (similar)
Tights: Target (same, but different colors)
Boots: Modcloth

Do you have any aged pieces in your wardrobe that you still wear regularly?

P.s. My sister took these for me this weekend down by the river in Star. Weren't the leaves so perfectly golden and yellow for us? And isn't my sister so so lovely? The answer is yes.