Weekend Wears: Sunday Picnic

My outfit details shirt: H&M kitty skirt: H&M (not online) oxfords: UO a few years ago sun hat: Target a few years ago Will's outfit details shirt: Target (similar) shorts: Old Navy shoes: TOMS

Will and I went on a bit of a spontaneous little picnic yesterday. Once the idea popped into my head I was obsessed with it and planned on making a gourmet selection of quinoa salad and fresh fruit and veggies and cheese and wine. I pictured us on bikes, cruising about through the park. But when 5:00 arrived yesterday and we had been so busy all day, you know, relaxing (read blog work/reading and WoW playing) I wasn't much in the mood to make even a quinoa salad. Because we were both starving. But Will didn't want me to miss out on a picnic I had so badly wanted, so we hoped in the car, grabbed some super classy (but delicious, come on) Subway, and headed to the river. We parked in the park and walked around until we found a relatively (there were lots of people floating the river) quiet spot in the shade to eat. Our bike ride turned into a nice casual greenbelt stroll. We saw lots of cute pups, which made me feel guilty for leaving Pippin home, and it wasn't even too terribly hot! I mean, it was hot, but I didn't die :)

I'd like to start an outfit series, of sorts, here. I'll be sharing a peek at what I'm wearing when we're out doing things on the weekend. I may lure Will into the picture from time to time as well; because he's really adorable and likes to dress to match me. Everyone probably thinks we're gross. In addition I'll share with you where my pieces are from. This will be easy this first time because most of what I am wearing I acquired recently. But truthfully, I do not add new clothes to my wardrobe very often. I'm picky and only buy things that are a good deal and that I really love. I'm also the type to hold onto something special until it falls apart. Some items in my closet I have had since I was a freshman. . . in high school. Others have a great story behind them; you have been warned.

I am also entering H&M's 50 States of Style contest! Could you be so lovely and vote for me? If you have instagram you can like my picture here. You can also vote for me by finding my picture here, just scroll down until you see the sort by options then select State and then Idaho. Thanks, dear.