Self-Portrait Challenge Recap

Did any of you participate in A Beautiful Mess's 30 Day Self-Portrait Challenge? If so please leave your instagram username below! I love seeing how others took this on creatively. You can follow me on instagram (@ohwhimsicalme) if you'd like a better look at these.

I took on this challenge with the hope of helping me feel more natural in front of the camera. I recently started a outfit series here, but photo shoots for it can be a little... awkward. I have no idea how to pose and instantly turn into a giant cheese-ball when a camera is directed at me. The results are rarely pretty. For me, unfortunately, I don't know if I got much out of this challenge, to be honest. Elsie and Emma mentioned in their first post about the challenge that when taking pictures of ourselves, "At first it feels unnatural, awkward and pretty self-absorbed." I never got past this stage. I've always felt this way, and I still do. I think this can be seen through the fact that very few of my pictures from this challenge actually show my entire face looking at the camera. For this is more so a result of not liking to take pictures of myself (or have my picture taken) than an attempt at creativity within my portraits. Because, I mean, there are quite a few pictures of my lap and feet. Boring.

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much.

Happy Sunday!