Summer Woes and Day Dreams

Prepare yourself, I'm about to complain a lot.

Well, I hate summer. I really do. There, I said it. I've been feeling pretty down lately and I'm blaming the heat. I feel shut in and trapped. I want to be outside. I want to go exploring with nothing but my camera. I want to drive around with the windows down, with no real destination, letting the river guide us. I want to sit outside for longer than 2 seconds without my hair catching on fire, my skin blistering, and sweating balls. Exaggeration? Not in the slightest.

It's a well known fact that summer is my least favorite season. The only season, in fact, that I don't enjoy vigorously. I know a lot of people get seasonal depression in the winter; I think I am the opposite. Give me the cloudy and the cold, please. I can complain a lot, but at least I have an air-conditioned house to mope around in. And cold showers to enjoy. I can also just day dream about living in beautiful, coastal, temperate British Columbia. Sorry, Boise, but I don't want to live in you forever. There are much prettier, colder places out there. Take me north, please.

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How do you beat the heat? I mostly just complain on my blog. And drink smoothies. And read fantasy. And listen to dreamy tunes.

Are you being hit by a heat wave? If not, can I come live with you?