Planner and Sketch Book Restyle

I know we've talked about my anxiety before. And I may have also mentioned briefly, though without naming, some of my obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) tendencies. It is strange, really, because sometimes some of these obsessive traits sometimes help combat the anxiety a bit. Over the years I have developed a few habits that help me with both; keeping planners is number one on that list.

Planners allow me to map out specific goals and see them tangibly. It is really just another outlet for me to try and maintain some order within my schedule. Lately, I even go so far as to roughly map out blog posts/ideas. Planners are a little old fashioned, I know. When I told Will I wanted a new planner he said he would get me his favorite app; now that is lovely, but I still rather enjoy the pen and paper approach. I picked up a new plain planner last week and decided to spruce it up and add a touch of my personality. While I was at it, I gave my sketch book a mini-makeover as well.

Aren't they cute? I love how these turned out! The simple graphic is right up my alley. I've included the "do things" and "make things" graphics I created and used below, if you'd like to use them for yourself. Simply click the links to download the files, upload the images to your computer, and then crop them to fit your planner/sketch book as needed before printing.

do things image download
make things image download

To create a planner and/or sketch book similar to mine, you will need: a sketch book and/or planner you want to decorate; the printed graphics included in this post; a variety of scrapbook paper; any accents you may want, like ribbon; mod podge (I made my own! Did you know that mod podge is pretty much just watered down glue? Just mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water); a foam brush; a coluzzle tool and a circle stencil, or something round to trace; and scissors.

For the planner: Using a coluzzle tool, cut around the do-things graphic using a circle stencil (or any shape you'd prefer). Tracing around a bowl and then cutting with scissors works great, too. Then, place the cut graphic on a piece of contrasting scrapbook paper and using a foam brush, adhere it with a very thin layer of mod podge. Trace a circle now on the scrapbook paper and cut again, creating a border. Mod podge this onto the front cover of your planner. If desired, decorate the back cover as well. I simply chose a different paper, with similar colors but a contrasting pattern, from the one I used on the front cover. Use mod podge to secure this as well.

For the sketch book: Select some scrapbook paper for the front cover. I chose a paper that was similar in color to the original cover, as I new some of it would still be visible near the binding. Keep that in mind. Adhere the paper to the cover by mod podging the back and then pressing the paper firmly down on the cover. The paper I used was from a paper pad, so I overlapped 4 different pieces to cover the entire thing, and trimmed any excess. As much as possible, bring the edges of the paper around to the inside of the cover by folding it over the edges. Over time, this will help with general wear and tear. If you'd like, add some accents, such as ribbon, in a contrasting color (I did this primarily to cover the lines from having to use multiple pieces of paper to cover the cover). Finish by attaching the printed graphic "make things" with mod podge. Place under a stack of books, to prevent warping, and allow to dry thoroughly.

If you do this project, be sure to share your creative creations with me. Have fun making and doing things! :)