Film vs Digital

I've been a little old picture crazy lately. I dug through a few boxes of old pictures that my parents have laying around last week to find a picture for this post and now I can't stop. I've been scanning picture after picture up to my computer for safe keeping.

There is something a little more memorable about having pictures printed versus just saved to your hard drive. Nothing quite beats spending an afternoon sitting on the floor with a cup of tea and a shoe box full of old photos to sift through. I love my digital camera (and even my iPod camera) and I would love to save up to buy myself a brand new fancy Digital SLR, but I still really miss the days of film. Film, to me, had some mystery and so much realness to it. I remember taking rolls and rolls of film to the store with my mom to get developed and being so excited when she would let me fill out the order forms or get the first peek at the prints when they were done.

And maybe we have the best of both now. With digital you're never saving those last few shots on the roll for something special. You can capture real, everyday moments freely, discarding what isn't needed (like pictures of the carpet?) and saving what turned out special. All while never fearing running out of film or space. And you do still have the option to print when wanted. But honestly, how many of us do that on a regular basis?

Maybe all of the pictures didn't turn out perfectly with film, but there is still something I love about that. Even those imperfect, out of focus, poor lighting shots say something.

When searching through old pictures, I also happened upon an old scrapbook that I made myself when I was younger (probably ages 10-12). I mean, it was super cheesy and laughable at best, but I loved it. I miss printing pictures and saving them in this way. My mom had been working at a scrapbook store near my elementary school at the time I created it and I can remember going there after school and spending hours creating pages for my picture book. I think it helped me appreciate memory keeping so much. I'd love to take that up again. I think making a small scrapbook each year or two would really encourage me to get more pictures printed and to save our memories in a tangible way.

I'd also love to go back to shooting a bit with film too. If for nothing else, I think it'd be fun. If you follow me on instagram, you may know that I recently acquired TWO old film cameras!

Will found them in an electronics/computer recycle bin at work. They are old Fish and Game cameras that they were just going to get rid of, as they had no need for them anymore. I am so excited to get some batteries in them (especially that Olympus SLR) and see what they can do.

Do any of you still shoot film? Or do you have a good memory storing system (like creating scrapbooks)?

P.s. If there are any hiccups as you look around the blog today (and possibly tomorrow), please excuse them. I am updating a few things!