Adventure Wishlist

1. Ariel 75 / 2. Keen Hiking Boots / 3. Canon Rebel / 4. Rain Jacket / 5. Hubba Hubba / 6. Kiyra Pant / 7. Run Short / 8. Run Top

Summer is finally in full swing around here. We had a few days or weeks where it was uncommonly chilly and rainy for Boise, which I enjoyed quite a bit. But now we are into the super hots (it is forecast to be 102 tomorrow!), and so of course I am only daydreaming about escaping the heat in the mountains or even along the coast. Will and I are really itching to take a long backpacking trip this summer and I am in need of a few things to do so. I'd love a new pack (I am smitten with Osprey packs) and a new pair of boots. We don't necessarily need a new tent, but one that has a gear shed would be super nice. Especially if we take a trip along the Olympic Peninsula; that may have to wait for now. I am also in dire need of some new workout clothes. And by dire need I of course mean that I am lazy and hate having to do laundry as often as I am now due to the fact that I run out of things to wear to workout quickly. And of course, I am still envying all of you with your DSLRs. I think the little Canon Rebel is so cute, and it would be perfect (not too big or heavy) for backpacking trips.

Do any of you enjoy camping/backpacking/hiking/etc.? And have you gotten out yet this summer?