The Last Few Days (or Lazy Blogging)

Whatever you'd like to call it, I'm having one of those Mondays where all you want to do is stay in your jimjams forever drinking coffee with a puppy on your lap and a good fantasy book to read.

^morning brainstorm and Pippin snuggling up next to me and my computer ^
Or perhaps my entire week has been like that. All this rainy, windy weather has made me feel a bit locked up. I look forward to the weekends a lot, it is the only real time Will and I have to go out adventuring.

^obviously not from this weekend, or year...^
As you know, we didn't make our plans of driving out to Leslie Gulch for Easter, and this weekend was spent mostly at home. But here as some fun things we did!

Finally watched last week's new episode of Dr. Who! Now I need to watch the one from this Saturday. I still need to catch up on Game of Thrones, too. I can never seem to keep up on TV (but who else is excited about The Voice tonight?)

I made a gluten free, sugar free, butter free, healthy apple crisp! I totally winged it and it turned out light and crisp and yummy. We took it over for dessert at Will's parents', where we had wine and cheese, steak and lobster (well I didn't), garlic bread, yummy salad, rice and veggies for dinner. So stuffed. Will's sister is getting chickens (jealous) and we watched/helped set up the chicken coop. We also played Canasta, which was new to me and pretty fun. Will's mom let me borrow this book (circa 1970s) which I am so excited to sit down with:

^so many fun stories, illustrations, and pictures^
It stormed so pretty all day! I loved the rain and thunder. I made some falafel pitas for dinner, with roasted red potatoes and asparagus on the side. So yummy! My sister and her husband came over to help us eat all the food. Thanks for the brownie, Bee. Ended the night with some wine and some reading.

I've been feeling rather exhausted and stretched thin lately. I'm having a hard time focusing on tasks because they have become rather disorganized and jumbled. It is all so uncharacteristic of me. I'm in need of a drastic declutter and scheduling restructure. And maybe some re-imagining. But don't let me get too Debbie Downer on you. I've got some fun things planned to share this week for posts, get excited! Here's a little extra for today, since we're all just getting to know each other...

Random fact about me:

^today's breakfast^
I have some weird food/eating habits. One for instance, I like it when my food is separated, even if it is something that would be mixed anyway. Like, yogurt with fruit and granola. I will separate all the parts and just take a little from each pile and build spoonfuls. I find it much more visually stimulating and appealing and fun. I also like my food to look good, which may seem simple, but I've been told I take a long time to cook because I also take care to make it look really great. Pretty food tastes better, amiright? Perhaps I'd make a good pastry chef.

What I'm listening to today: stream the new Iron & Wine album, Ghost on Ghost here!