It Pays to Take the Back Roads

^If you've ever asked yourself the question, can dogs get car sick, the answer is yes. Poor pup.^
Our weekend wasn't too entirely eventful. Friday night we stayed in and enjoyed the storm, yummy food (read Subway, we were too lazy to cook), and episodes of House. Saturday morning I participated in the MS walk with my mama and sister, which we followed up by walking around the market and lunch at Pollo Rey

Saturday was also a day for a bit of spontaneous adventure. Every once and a while Will gets an itching to drive around bumpy back roads. I'm not one to let him down; I am a great passenger. Not to mention all the Idaho scenery is to die for. We ended up driving along the south fork of the Boise River. We stopped in various spots along the way to stretch and explore, saw Anderson Ranch, and ended up at the top of I dare say the prettiest lookout, with views of the sawtooths, near sunset. My favorite parts were all the adorable baby cows we came across, listening to Horse Feathers the whole way, and watching Pippin run up and down the river side excitedly. What a great way to spend a day. All I have to say is it pays to take the back roads.

I hope your weekend was, if not as adventurous, every bit as lovely as mine.