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Hello! My name is Emorie. 

I'm a graphic designer who lives in beautiful Idaho.

Design has always been my passion, even though I haven't always been aware of that fact. My childhood was an artistic one — music lessons, sewing, art classes and drawing competitions, coding for fun, spending afternoons at the scrapbook store — I've always been about making things as beautifully arranged as possible. Academics took over my life for awhile and it was a blogging outlet that brought me back to my love of design. 

I love designing for other creatives and small business owners. I'll pretty up anything I can get my hands on! You can see a small sampling of my work here. I tend to design super modern and minimal, but hand-drawn elements and unique calligraphy are my thing too — each project is unique!


A Bit More About Emorie

I like feminism, Sci-Fi, coffee, backpacking, exploring the PNW with my pup and love, making bouquets of wildflowers, reading (I work at the library part-time!), tech, folk music, the internet, gardening, never finishing craft projects, Netflix, and dancing even if I am terrible at it. 

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile and we become old friends!




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